The International Martial Arts Federation – Europe is a group of countries, Martial Arts schools and organizations, who are working together to promote all Martial Arts e.g. Budo, and to improve the conditions under which they are learned and practiced.

We support all Japanese, Okinawa, Korean, Chinese Martial Arts, and other Martial Arts that are already adopted or to be adopted.

By bringing our interests, experience and resources together, in a genuine effort to benefit the Martial Arts that we share, by renewing on a personal as well as organizational level our commitment and dedication to Martial Arts, to maintain and raise both the technical and spiritual level of the practice of our arts through Europe, in particular to benefit our members.




Registration of Graduation and Recognation
Registration of Teachers
Quality Support for Martial Arts and Teaching
Active and driven Martial Arts schools
IMAF-Europe Passport and more


Taikai 2023 Cala Montjoi

Taikai 2023 Cala Montjoi

As you know, after these turbulent years, this summer we will once again enjoy one of the most emblematic activities in which the Federation participates: our Taikai in Cala Montjoi, which will take place during the weekend of June 16 to 18. We were very excited to be...

Introducing new General Secretary Donny Toebes

Introducing new General Secretary Donny Toebes

I was asked to become General Secretary of IMAF-Europe. It didn't take me long to say yes and enjoy the warm welcome of the Daily Board. I support the goals of IMAF-Europe warm-hearted. Especially now it is important to share the BUDO philosophy, to offer support and...


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