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Today I am very proud to introduce the mutual cooperation with the International Defense Tactics College (IDTC) and IMAF-Europe.
Beside our own activities within our Protection and Security Division this cooperation gives us the opportunity of networking on professional international level, exchanging knowledge, access to a train-the-trainers program and at least to apply as a candidate/student for the college and training module based education.The IDTC based in Fort Myers, Florida is an educational institution providing academic and hands-on training for careers as professional defense tactics trainers with a curriculum strictly designed for the purpose of education, certification and providing meaningful teaching credentials for our graduates to teach their craft.
The target market of the International Defense Tactics College is Military, Police, Law-Enforcement, Security Specialists, Executive Protection officers and skilled martial artists being active in the field of protection and security.
Students using the programs both on campus in USA and in international centers where the IDTC is establishing an online curriculum through website eLearning suites.

Chancellor and Director of the IDTC is Dr. Ric Black, General Director of the World Defense Tactics Association, the US Police Defensive Tactics Association and publisher of the Tactics Magazine.
Ric Black is well known in the Martial Arts as well. He is the head of the Bunbu Ichi Zendo Budo/ Bugei Kai founded in Shanghai/China in 1918. His family is involved into Budo for three generations.

The mission of our Cooperation is to create a world body of organizations mutually cooperating in the development of a defense tactics standardization of training for security, law enforcement and The IDTC is affiliated with the World Defense Tactics Association and United States Police Defensive tactics Association a group serving in Education over thirty years.
Within the last weeks we had a lot of meetings and conversations with security specialists and police officers of our national IMAF-Branches interested in serving as National communication coordinators for the International Defensive Tactics College.

So far we received a positive feedback from:

– Germany
– Netherlands
– Belgium
– Italy
– Sweden
– Poland
– Austria
– France
– Spain

If your Branch is not on the list yet and you are interested in serving as a national communication coordinator for the IDTC please contact: for further information.
A first information package will be send out to the communication coordinators in November 2014 followed by direct contact with the IDTC in US till end of the year.
The college program will be available from 2015 via the coordinators.

International Defense Tactics College Communication –
Coordinators IMAF-Europe

Supervisor Europe: Jens Fricke

National Supervisor/ Communication Coordinator:
Belgium: Frankie Lacroix
The Netherlands: Cees van der Wal
Sweden: Peter Rosendahl
Germany: Vicky Fricke
Poland: Piotr Witkowski
Italy: Gianni Rossato
France: Eric Conxicouer
Spain: Juan Miranda
Austria: Lars von Schwalfenberg
Bosnia & Herzegovina: Bosco Vidovic
United Kingdom: Tony Johnson


Jens Fricke
President IMAF Europe

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